Editorial Board

The editorial board consists of five scholars representing the main regions in Sub-Saharan Africa that we distinguish to ensure an appropriate coverage of theological contributions from sub-Saharan Africa: English-Speaking West-Africa, French-Speaking West-Africa, French-Speaking Central-Africa (including Madagascar), English-Speaking East-Africa, and English-Speaking Southern-Africa. We are particularly aware that Portuguese speaking Africa is not sufficiently covered and hope to find the means to add this in the future. The editorial board further includes specialists on African theology from outside the region.

Dr Issiaka Coulibaly is the Francophone Chair and Francophone West Africa Regional Editor. As President of the Université de l'Alliance Chrétienne d'Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, he has extensive experience in theological education and a wide network across Francophone Africa.

Dr Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu is the Anglophone Chair and Anglophone West Africa Regional Editor. He is President of Trinity Theological Seminary, Legon, Accra, Ghana and a leading scholar on African Pentecostalism.

Dr Benno van den Toren is the Editor-in-Chief. He taught systematic theology from 1997 until 2005 at the Faculté de Theogie Evangélique de Bangui and is currently professor of Intercultural Theology at the Protestant Theological University, Groningen, the Netherlands.

Dr Liz Mburu is the East Africa Regional Editor. She is Langham Literature Regional Coordinator for Africa and has extensive experience in theological publishing.

Dr William Mbuluku is the Francophone Central Africa Regional Editor and Francophone Assistant Editor. As both a lecturer and the librarian at the Faculté de Théologie Évangélique de Bangui (currently located in Yaoundé, Cameroon) he brings important skills to the project.

Dr Jurgens Hendriks is the Southern Africa Regional Editor. As Professor of Practical Theology and Missiology (Emeritus) at the Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University, South Africa and the NetACT Programme Coordinator, he has extensive experience in theological education and wide networks across Anglophone and Lusophone Africa.

Dr Diane Stinton is an International Editor. She is Associate Professor of Mission Studies and World Christianity at Regent College, Vancouver, Canada, and a leading scholar on African Christology.

Editorial Team

Dr Benno van den Toren is Project Director and Editor-in-Chief.

Sam Bussey is the Managing Editor and a Doctoral Student at the Protestant Theological University working on theologies of sacrifice in African Theology.

Dr Bosco Bangura is the Anglophone Assistant Editor. He is a missiologist and researcher at the Evangelical Theological Faculty, Leuven, Belgium and at the Protestant Theological University in Groningen, the Netherlands and is the Academic coordinator of the Centre for Theology and Christianity Worldwide (CTCW) at the same institution. He has a wide network across the African Diaspora.

Dr William Mbuluku is the Francophone Assistant Editor. He teaches New Testament and is head of the library at the Faculté de Théologie Evangélique de Bangui, Yaoundé campus, Cameroon.

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