Africa Society of Evangelical Theology: Call for Papers

28 April 2023

Theme: The Mission of God and God's Church: Missiology in African Christianity

Location: Pan Africa Christian University

Date: 8–9 March 2024


The Africa Society of Evangelical Theology invites papers to be presented on the topic of The Mission of God and God’s Church: Missiology in African Christianity. Presenters can approach this topic from theological, biblical, historical, missiological, educational, apologetic, practical theology and cultural perspectives. Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • Medical missions
  • Evangelism to other faiths/religions
  • Spiritual warfare in mission
  • Blessed reflex (Mission to Global North)
  • Intercultural education and mission
  • Missionary attrition
  • African mission agencies
  • Cults in mission
  • Evangelism in diaspora
  • Mission and contextualization
  • Persecution and mission
  • Intercultural theology, missional church
  • Gospel encounter with African philosophy
  • Contemporary and past African missionaries
  • Bivocational mission (Tent making in African missions)
  • Colonialism and missions
  • Diaspora mission
  • Women in missions
  • African Church Fathers and mission
  • Holistic / Integral mission
  • Gospel and politics
  • Urban mission
  • Worship and mission
  • Mission and hybridity
  • Bible translation as mission
  • Missional hermeneutics
  • Ethics in mission
  • Trinitarian missiology
  • Ecology, climate change and missions
  • History of missions in Africa
  • Indigenous mission
  • Virtuality and digital mission
  • The Unreached in the 21st century
  • Children and youth in mission
  • Church planting
  • Contemporary mission with/to children and youth in mission
  • Discipleship in mission
  • War, pandemics and mission

Submission Deadline: 31 July 2023

To respond to this call for papers, please develop a 300 word (+/-) abstract and click on/type the following link ( fill out the form and hit “submit” at the end.
For any enquiries on this call for papers, please email Prof. David Ngaruiya (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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