On the 1st April every year, the Global Research Institute at Fuller Theological Seminary, accepts application for a six-month residential fellowship for post-doctoral scholars from the Global South.

On its website, GRI notes: “Established in 1995, the Global Research Institute (GRI) at Fuller Theological Seminary offers a fellowship to postdoctoral non-Western Christian scholars, enabling them to undertake final-stage research at Fuller Theological Seminary and complete texts for the teaching ministry in their context in the Majority World. The GRI program operates out of Fuller's Center for Missiological Research (CMR). The Global Research Institute exists because Fuller believes that one of the primary tasks of the global Christian community is to provide local churches and Christian institutions with written material that reflects the history, needs, priorities, and peculiarities of their specific contexts, and that these local concerns must matter to churches and Christian scholars everywhere. Today this need is particularly compelling in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and other regions where the church is experiencing its most rapid growth.” For application requirements, submission deadlines and further details please go here: https://www.fuller.edu/school-of-mission-and-theology/center-for-missiological-research/global-research-institute/?fbclid=IwAR3TkIfCSKsPCcftBGJDXEMRLBkOGcAl5pwNrUjsWSJU5hUXLVQp10GGQ6E


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