SATS Conference: Call for Papers

03 November 2023

Theme: The Person of the Holy Spirit: Biblical and Contextual Perspectives

Location: An e-conference hosted by the South African Theological Seminary

Date: 12-14 March 2024


Keynote Address: Dr. Douglas Lowenberg (Addis Ababa Bible College; APTEA).

Plenaries: Dr. Jesse Kipimo (South African Theological Seminary) and Dr. Emmanuel Kwasi Amoafo (East Africa School of Theology; St. Paul’s University).

Theological discourse on the Holy Spirit traverses the theoretical and experiential as attested by the witness of Scripture and church history (see Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17–21). While the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements have received ample attention in past generations through discussions and debates emphasizing the centrality of the Person and the work of the Holy Spirit, a new vista of inquiry dawns. With the exponential growth of Christianity in the Global South, accompanied by globalization and mass migration, the church has become more attuned to its local and global expressions. As diasporic and localized realities become increasingly enmeshed, the need to understand Scriptural injunction in light of contextual demands has become more pronounced. In cognizance of this reality, the 2024 SATS e-Conference is themed: “The Person of the Holy Spirit: Biblical and Contextual Perspectives.” We aim to foster dialogue on how the theological guild and the church can construct bridges that enhance biblical understandings of the Holy Spirit, his role in discipleship, and the empowerment he gives in the church’s public witness. As we engage the theme, we hope our engagement with the topic will cascade into context to project a compelling image of the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, we hope this conference will provoke a holy celebration and attestation of the Son of God in all domains of life.

Papers are invited to address the following areas:

  • The Spirit of God in the Old Testament
  • The Holy Spirit in the New Testament
  • A Biblical Theology of the Holy Spirit
  • Contextualizing Pneumatology in vernacular expressions
  • The Holy Spirit and the Missio Dei
  • The Holy Spirit and the Church
  • Pneumatology of Power and African Cosmology
  • Charismata praxes and Biblical Pneumatology
  • The Holy Spirit in Liturgy
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit in Hermeneutics
  • The Holy Spirit and other spirits in Africa.

Submission Deadline: 17 November 2023

To submit an abstract, please click here.

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