Spotlighting a New Feature in our BEAT series: Christianity in Malawi

16 September 2022

As African Christianity continues to expand, scholars interested in understanding the theological embroidery offered by African Christianity are now challenged to provide the academy with concrete examples of just how Christianity is doing in each of the 54 sovereign and independent countries that make up the African continent. At African Theology Worldwide, we have taken up this challenge to showcase just how diverse Christianity is across Africa and what this means for our understanding of Africa’s place in World Christianity.

In a new set of our BEAT series, ATW is pleased to present the “BEAT Christianity in Malawi” article prepared by Kenneth R. Ross and Joyce Mlenga. Among the key features covered in this new series is that the article discusses the state of Christianity in relation to the various Christian denominations existing across Malawi. This is followed up with Christianity’s relation to African Traditional Relation and Islam, as well as Christianity’s contribution to education and social change. This article will be formally presented at an online event jointly organized by African Theology Worldwide and the Pan African Theological Roundtable at a later date. Furthermore, this article constitutes the blueprint that African Theology Worldwide BEAT articles hopes to produce for the remaining 53 countries of Africa. For more on the BEAT Christianity in Malawi article, please go here:

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