What's New: March 2023

30 March 2023

African Theology Worldwide is regularly updated with new and revised resources. This month a new blog and bibliography have been added, and five bibliographies have been expanded to include French resources.

African Diaspora Christianity: Some Key Conversation Partners and Resources, by Harvey Kwiyani

Evangelism, by Leon Kooijmans and Willeke Zigterman Rustenburg

Christology, by Chukwuemeka A. Atansi, Peter Bussey, Sam Bussey, David Lewis, Yoel Koster, William Mbuluku and Diane Stinton (expanded)

Matthew, Gospel according to, by Yoel Koster (expanded)

Mark, Gospel according to, by Yoel Koster (expanded)

Luke, Gospel according to, by Leon Kooijmans and Yoel Koster (expanded)

John, Gospel according to, by Nathasja Hooiveld-Meijer, Leon Kooijmans and Yoel Koster (expanded)

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