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Public Theology lecture series launched in a collaboration between the Lutheran World Federation, the Berlin Center for Public Theology and the Beyers Naudé Center for Public Theology. Its self-description envisions that “these open-access international public theology resources are aimed at equipping the global church in the work of transformative engagement for the common good.”


The lecture series were recorded during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and disruptions at various contexts around the globe in unprecedented circumstances not seen any time in human history. The portal was launched by these three institutions on 15th October 2021. The resources are thematically organized in three sections: (i) Concepts of public theology; (ii) Doing public theology: issues, agents and practices; (iii) Conclusion. Each section contains video and audio lectures delivered by leading experts from all over the world on different aspects of public theology. Based on a revised version of lectures first offered to graduate students in Berlin and Stellenbosch, the series are part of the Lutheran World Federation learning modules which have been designed to benefit all students in areas where study materials on crucial aspects of Public Theology are hard to access and travel is difficult due to lack of funds or opportunities.

Comments and recommendation

Increasingly, churches in Africa as are those elsewhere, are challenged by the many public issues emerging from the entanglements of human society and the ecosystem that affect the lives of millions of congregants around the world. Whether informed by the care of creation, the need to protect human rights or to bring about peace in places of conflict, the church is forced to bring its perspectives to bear on public issues. These series of lecture, being prepared by theologians, pastors, social workers and academics from various contexts, invite critical reflections that aim to equip public theologians to act in consonance for the common good. The free online lecture series could be used as modules to teach undergraduate and graduate students of Public Theology.

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