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The Africa Leadership Study is a web portal that provides resources which identify, equip and entrust solid leadership in the service of Africa.


The Africa Leadership Study is a seedbed resources. Born out of a burden and passion for developing and empowering effective leaders across all aspects of African culture, the Africa Leadership Study interviewed over 8,000 African Christians about key components that motivate mature and impactful leadership in Africa. The survey data received resulted in the publication of the book African Christian Leadership: Realities, Opportunities and Impact. Apart from the book, the Africa Leadership Study portal contains relevant materials that can inform curriculum development, training materials, mentoring practices, networking and gaps so as to develop best practices.

Recommending the work done, Tite Tienou asks “How does this study of Christian leadership in Africa differ from others?” His response contrasts African Christian Leadership: Realities, Opportunities, and Impact with others on the basis that the work is the result of many years of solid, qualitative and quantitative research conducted in three countries across a wide range of denominations and ethnicities. This feature alone, Tienou argues, sets the book apart from others and it is the basis for important new contributions to understanding the realities of Christian leadership in contemporary African societies.


The Africa Leadership Study provides materials that delve into the nature of leadership. By its emphasis on better-prepared leaders for African churches, the resources are helpful for leaders at all levels in their professional career.

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