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The Nagel Institute is an educational research institute with a history of strategic engagment with African scholars.


"The Nagel Institute is an educational research institute within Calvin University, focused on ways in which the study of World Christianity can change perspectives, foster knowledge, and reinvigorate Christian thought and practice."

"Study: Through a network of communal learning, we are able to anticipate current and future trends in their greatest areas of impact, engaging in regions where the greatest opportunity for learning exists, like Brazil, China, and Africa."

"Support: By listening to Christian voices from around the world, we can uncover new insights and expand our knowledge to a more global view of the Christian faith."

"Share: We believe sharing our learnings is critical. The free dissemination of our insights benefit society by accelerating the pace of discovery, reducing information-sharing gaps, encouraging innovation, and promoting reproducibility."


The Nagel Institute has managed a number of projects in the field of African theology, including Engaging African Realities, African Theological Advance and Gospel and Culture. Some of the fruits of these projects can be found on the website's resources page. The website is available in English, French and Portuguese.

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