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Missio Africanus’ Journal of African Missiology (MAJAM) contributes afresh to issues of interest to African Christianity's mission to the world. Describing its aim, MAJAM explains that it "is established to provide a critical scholarly commentary on the development of mission within African Christianity, and the study thereof, both in Africa and in the Diaspora. It is about mission and the African peoples. Anyone can contribute, regardless of whether they are African or not. Articles have to reflect mission by or among Africans, in Africa or elsewhere. Subject of interest include African theology, African philosophy, African religions, leadership and others."


Founded by Dr Harvey Kwiyani, an African missiologist with lecturing and missionary experience acquired in three continents (Africa, North America and Europe), MAJAM brings a breath of fresh air on discourses and commentaries of African missiology. Both established and upcoming scholars will find this journal a useful tool in stimulating research and publication on issues at the interface of African Christianity and the missiologies it produces.

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