ATW News: Bibliography on Sacrifice

02 July 2021

Whereas Africa is an incredibly diverse continent with a fine embroidery of cultures and ethnicities, the theme of sacrifice is often one on which Africans tend to find common ground. The major faiths and religious traditions across the African continent have offered deep reflections grounded in their holy books and sacred traditions about the role of sacrifice in their belief systems and practices. For this reason, Christianity’s emphasis on the finality and sufficiency of Christ’s sacrifice for human salvation has been used as a means of engaging the peoples of Africa with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At African Theology Worldwide, we have assembled an initial bibliography that includes 127 scholarly articles and books that have been published on the topic. Of those resources, 65 items are freely accessible. Furthermore, ATW is currently finalizing a major encyclopaedic article on sacrifice that offers a systematic overview of all that has been written on sacrifice in African Theology. When we publish the article on this website, the full bibliography with over 400 items will be published alongside the article. Thereby we hope to substantially increase the list of accessible and freely available resources concerning the topic of sacrifice. We believe that a critical exploration of this theme offers promise for fruitful dialogue between African Christian Theology on the one hand and theologies, cultural practices and religious traditions to be found across Africa on the other. The bibliography can be found here.

PTHU Master of Theology



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