Partner spotlight: Centre for Theology and Christianity Worldwide

12 July 2021

The Centre for Theology and Christianity Worldwide (CTCW) was recently launched at the Protestant Theological University, Groningen/Amsterdam, Netherlands. It exists as an academic centre that offer courses, seminars, conferences and webinars that interface the broad themes related to global expressions of theology and Christianity worldwide. To do so, CTCW presently work on the following three thematic areas: (i) Migration, Mission and Theology in Contemporary Europe; (ii) Science and Religion in Intercultural Perspective; and (iii) Pentecostal Theology Worldwide. Potential students who would like to pursue PhD’s in these or related themes are encouraged to contact the centre for guidance in the admission procedures at the university.

To get a better understanding of what CTCW offers, it has provided this self-description on its website where CTCW explains: “We are theologians from Christian communities worldwide, in search of knowing God and how creation relates to God. While we acknowledge that Christian theology is a rather ‘among us’ enterprise, we realize how our own contexts can bias what we do and don’t see. Therefore, we seek to learn with and from people of other faith traditions and worldviews, in faith and vulnerability. We believe that theology is both an intellectual and a spiritual enterprise. Academic rigor, prayer and worship constitute our learning and researching community. Our worldwide connectivity also means ecumenicity and catholicity. We are committed to supporting Christian communities and churches in their theological praxis. We seek to provide a safe haven where theological reflection can happen, in all its richness and its tension.” Further information about CTCW and its programs can be found here:

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