ATW News: A Bibliography on the Gospel of Matthew

26 October 2021

The Gospel of Matthew not only present the salvation story of Jesus using primarily the Jewish cultural background in which the Christ child was born, this gospel presents the reaction of people in cultures which, in many ways, are similar to the cultural experiences of Christians across Africa.

Thus, in their reading, interpretation, understanding and application of the Scriptures, and especially the Gospel of Matthew, African Christians seek an understanding of Matthew’s recounting of the Christ story through hermeneutical lenses conditioned by their cultural setting. In this way African Christians are not only interested in what Matthew affirms, but how what it says applies to their lives in contemporary Africa. ATW has assembled a bibliography containing 90 items, 28 of which are freely accessible. In the event that we may have inadvertently missed a crucial bibliography source on the Gospel of Matthew written from an African Christian and Theological perspective,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to your contributions, because we consider this project a collaborative endeavour between the ATW Team and our users. The complete bibliography can be found here.

PTHU Master of Theology



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