Easter Greetings from the ATW Team

15 April 2022

Dear ATW users, dear friends,

For many Christians who follow the western (Latin) calendar of the church, the period of Lent which began a little over a month ago will end today, Friday 15th April. Celebrated as Good Friday, the church marks the vicarious death of Christ at the hands of his own people in the first century. This event will be followed by Easter, when the church celebrates the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

For Christians, Easter marks a watershed moment in their faith because it recognizes that death does not have the final say. New life is possible and can emerge from the ashes of pain, suffering and death. People can be reconciled with God through Christ’s sacrificial death. As the Scriptures remind us: Now it is clear that no one is justified before God by the law, because, “The righteous will live by faith.”” Galatians 3:11, BSB. For Christians, our justification is based on faith – trusting on what God has done for the world in Christ!

At ATW, because we exist to accompany the church, Bible colleges, theological institutes at universities and African scholars by providing free academic resources needed to deepen the Christian faith on African soil, we would like to highlight the significance of Christ’s resurrection by pointing you to our recent BEAT article on sacrifice (found here: https://african.theologyworldwide.com/encyclopaedia-african-christian-thought/sacrifice).

As you celebrate Easter, we send you our best wishes for a peaceful weekend full of life.

Kind regards,

Bosco Bangura, Benno van den Toren

And the ATW Team in Groningen, Netherlands

PTHU Master of Theology



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