ATW and PATR Public Lecture: "Christ in African Indigenous Churches: A Case Study of The Celestial Church of Christ," by Rev. Damilola Abraham

11 September 2023

Location: Zoom (register at

Date: Tuesday 12 September 2023, 19.00 BST

You are invited to join us for the next Roundtable, where our Guest Speaker, Damilola Abraham will be presenting his doctoral research on the topic “Christ in African Indigenous Churches: A Case Study of the Celestial Church of Christ, Southwest Nigeria.” His research focuses on the grassroots Christology of AICs, with emphasis on Aladura Churches in Yorubaland, Nigeria, and more specifically on the Celestial Church of Christ (the CCC). He will be presenting his discovery of a host of contextually relevant Yoruba images of Christ that shape the CCC’s self-identity and ecclesiology. He will also be arguing for the Emi as the overarching source of CCC’s Christology, leading to what he termed Emi-Inspired Christology (EIC). We look forward to having you join us.

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PTHU Master of Theology



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