HUC Conference: Call for Papers

17 November 2023

Theme: African Women Theologians and Synodality

Location: Hekima University College, Nairobi, Kenya

Date: 7-11 March 2024

Celebrating Years of Women's Theological Empowerment

Although Hekima University College (HUC) has endeavoured to offer opportunities to women theologians, the latter’s voices are still seldom heard. Recognizing these gaps, Pope Francis assigned women to handle key responsibilities in the upcoming Synod on Synodality, providing a golden opportunity to appreciate the role of women in the Church. Celebrating its fortieth anniversary, HUC reaffirms its commitment to educating women theologians by organizing a conference on the theme: “African Women Theologians and Synodality.” With this conference, HUC wishes to celebrate its contributions to women’s theological empowerment and make the voices of African women louder in theological discourses. Hopefully, this conference will significantly prompt the well deserved respectful listening of African women theologians by the Church.

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To create a platform for the voices of African women theologians to be heard in global theological and ecclesial discourse.
  2. To strengthen and channel the intellectual abilities, leadership, and contributions of African women theologians towards the growth of the Church in Africa and beyond.
  3. To foster a spirit that is liberating and empowering for women.
  4. To create a network of African women scholars committed to the mission of the Church in Africa and beyond.


  1. Attracting more women to the field of theological research and respecting their voices in global theological discourse.
  2. Recognizing and accepting women’s abilities as competent intellectual, ecclesial and societal leaders.
  3. Publishing the proceedings from the conference.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Application is open to any African woman theologian.
  2. Other theologians are welcomed upon invitation.
  3. Prospective participants must submit an abstract not exceeding 500 words.
  4. HUC, in collaboration with the St. Ignatius Scholarship for Women Theologians, shall fund travel and accommodation of presenters only.

Possible (but not limited) sub themes for consideration

  1. Turning challenges into opportunities in ministry and society.
  2. Gospel witnesses: Grounded in faith and highlighting transformative enterprises.
  3. Communion, participation, and mission as vital pillars of a synodal Church.
  4. Deep and respectful listening: witnessing God’s love amidst the culture of provisional.
  5. Witnessing to those at the peripheries of our world.
  6. Making Synodality the evangelical path in the service of God’s kingdom.

Submission Deadline

  1. Please submit a PDF file abstract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before 24 Nov 2023.
  2. Successful applicants will be notified by 1 Dec 2023.
  3. Once selected, participants must prepare a presentable and publishable conference paper.
  4. The conference will take place from 7-11 March 2024 at Hekima University College (HUC), Nairobi, Kenya. Activities are as follows:
  • 7 Mar 2024 Arrival
  • 8-9 Mar 2024 Conference (Full days)
  • 10 Mar 2024 Conference and Evaluation (Half day)
  • 10 Mar 2024 Rest, Outing, Sightseeing or City Tour (Afternoon)
  • 11 Mar 2024 Departure

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